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Alberta Film Locations

Alberta is known for the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, vast prairies, lush river valleys, glacial lakes, arid prehistoric badlands, and modern cities. The province easily doubles for a variety of American, European, Arctic, prehistoric, Old West, modern and alien landscapes.

National Parks of interest include Jasper, Banff and Wood Buffalo (Canada’s largest national park). The Icefields Parkway offers settings ideal for car commercials. The Columbia Icefield offers easily accessible, year-round frozen looks. The Hoodoos of Drumheller Valley are an arid film location that have hosted dozens of TV commercials and films including Unforgiven. The T.rex Discovery Centre is a simple contemporary structure located in an arid setting. Banff Springs Hotel is a famous location.

Home to over 50,000 farms, Alberta offers filmmakers and photographers wheat, canola and barley fields as well as cattle ranches.

Calgary is the largest city and main production center. The city offers a modern skyline, river, bridges, urban looks, suburbs, and Winter Olympic venues.

Edmonton is the capital. Locations of note include the Alberta Legislature Building, Art Gallery of Alberta, and West Edmonton Mall which is the largest shopping mall in North America.

Alberta has hosted a long list of productions including The Revenant, Interstellar,Brokeback Mountain, The Bourne Legacy, Inception, Legends of the Fall, Unforgiven,and Fargo (TV series).

Alberta Film & Photography Production Services

Are you a media company, brand, ad agency or production company looking for film / photography production support or shooting crew in Alberta? We have fully vetted, locally based fixers, service producers, directors, DP’s, videographers, cameramen, photographers, sound operators, production drivers, and a range of other film crew. Contact us for referrals, questions, cost estimates and references.

Want to know more about shooting in Alberta? See below for an introduction to Alberta locations, permits, when to shoot, crew, equipment, studios, post production, tax incentives, and film friendly hotels.

Alberta Film Location Permits

Alberta has a film friendly, streamlined permitting process. Please contact us for location specific information.

When To Shoot?

Winters (December to March) are very cold, dry and snowy, particularly in the Rockies and north of the province. Spring through to fall (April to November) are the best months to film for long, sunny shoot days. Alberta has hot, dry summers (June to September) with the north of the province seeing up to 18 hours of sunlight. Most crops are harvested in August / September. 

The Calgary Stampede takes place in July.

Alberta Tax Incentives For Filming

Tax Incentives. Alberta offers a grant of up to 30 per cent of eligible production expenditures.

Alberta Film Crew & Equipment

Calgary has world renowned, experienced creative and technical crews that specialize in servicing a broad spectrum of productions from Hollywood feature films to commercial stills.

Standard camera, lighting and grip equipment can be found locally.

Calgary is a smaller production center so larger shoots may require additional support from Vancouver.

Contact us if you are looking for a Calgary or Edmonton based director, DP, photographer, videographer (cameraman / camera operator), camera assistant (focus puller), sound operator, grip, gaffer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA / runner, production driver, or any other film crew in Alberta.

Alberta Studios & Post Production

Studios. Alberta has several state of the art facilities including The Calgary Film Centre.

Post Production. Alberta offers a range of post facilities including a lab.

Alberta Film-Friendly Accommodation

Accommodation. Please contact us for recommended film friendly hotels in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff and other areas of Alberta.

Hire Alberta Production Support & Shooting Crew

If you are looking for a film or photographic production service company, line producer or fixer for your shoot in Alberta, please contact us.

If you are looking for a shooting crew for your shoot in Alberta, such as a director, DoP, photographer, videographer (cameraman / camera operator), camera assistant (focus puller), sound operator, grip, gaffer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA / runner, production driver, please contact us.

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