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Cayman Islands Film Locations

The Cayman Islands is an autonomous British Overseas Territory located south of Cuba in Caribbean Sea. The territory comprises the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Grand Cayman. George Town is the capital and largest settlement. It is known for its busy cruise ship traffic and luxury stores. Seven Mile Beach is known for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and luxury hotels.  Other film locations of note include West Bay, Bodden Town, and North Side. Stingray City is Cayman’s most popular attraction.

Cayman Brac. Named after its breathtaking bluff, Cayman Brac is known for its small easy-going towns, lush green forests, and offshore reefs and shipwrecks popular with underwater photographers. It is located a 30-minute flight from Grand Cayman.

Little Cayman. is the smallest and least developed of the islands. It’s known for its empty beaches, and an array of exceptional underwater photography locations including the world-famous Bloody Bay Wall. Little Cayman is located a 20 minute boat ride from Cayman Brac. Owen Island is a deserted paradise island location, with no permanent structures or residents, located a short boat ride from Little Cayman.

Cayman Islands Film & Photography Production Services

Are you a media company, brand, ad agency or production company looking for film / photography production support or shooting crew in Cayman Islands? We have fully vetted, locally based fixers, service producers, directors, DP’s, videographers, cameramen, photographers, sound operators, production drivers, and a range of other film crew. Contact us for referrals, questions, cost estimates and references.

Want to know more about shooting in Cayman Islands? See below for an introduction to Cayman Islands locations, permits, when to shoot, costs, talent, crews, equipment, art department, studios, post facilities, visas and work permits, film friendly hotels, transport, communications and safety advice.

Cayman Islands Film Location Permits

Although there is no official film permit, having a letter of support from relevant government authorities is helpful when seeking permission to film around the island. Our Caymanian fixer will require a project synopsis and crew details. The letter of support usually takes about a week to get. With this in hand small productions can film for free, without issue in most public locations as long as they are not taking exclusive use of public space. Larger productions that seek to control traffic, lay track or set up big lights, for instance, will require additional permits and consultation with police and local authorities. Please contact us for any more location specific information.

When To Shoot?

Summers (May to October) are warm and rainy. Winters (November to April) are relatively dry. The Cayman Islands lie in Hurricane Alley. For monthly weather statistics please see here.

The Batabano Festival is held in May.

Public holidays may affect timing, availability and costs. See here for public holiday dates in the Caymans.

Costs & Tax Incentives

Costs. Local costs are relatively expensive. Since little to no filming infrastructure exists all key crew and equipment must be brought in from abroad. Similarly, since little is grown on the island, food imports are also relied on. Our Caymanian fixer will negotiate local deals and provide the appropriate level of production support to match every budget.

Tax Incentives. At present there are no tax incentives for foreign commercials or films shooting in the Caymans.

Film Crew & Talent

Crews. Cayman Islands has a very small pool of directors, directors of photography and stills photographers. Key crew are best brought in.

Contact us if you are looking for a director, DP, photographer, videographer (cameraman / camera operator), camera assistant (focus puller), sound operator, grip, gaffer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA / runner, production driver, or any other film crew for your shoot in the Caymans.

Talent day rates and buyouts are negotiable. The local populace are represented by a mix of more than 100 nationalities. Cayman Islands has a very small population so the pool of talent is limited. Best to cast abroad.

Cayman Islands Film Equipment

There are no camera, lighting and grip equipment houses in the Caymans. Some locals own basic gear they may be willing to rent. The Cayman Islands is not an ATA carnet country. Our local fixer in the Caymans is able to assist with gear and product importation if needed.

Art Department, Studios, Backlots, & Post Production

Art department and set construction is very basic.

Studios and backlots. None exist at present.

Post Production. None available locally. Post abroad.

Visas & Work Permits

Crew travelling on Western passports (see countries coloured green) are allowed visa-free travel to the Caymans for stays of up to 6 months. There are no special work permits required for film crews. If necessary, to ensure ease of entry, our Caymanian fixer / service producer will arrange for the Tourism Board to inform customs and immigration of your visit.

Transport & Accommodation

Transportation Infrastructure. Main roads are in an average condition. Several international airlines service direct flights.

Accommodation. Contact us for recommended film friendly hotels in the Caymans. For longer stays we can also organize serviced apartments.

Hire Cayman Islands Production Support & Shooting Crew

If you are looking for a film or photographic production service company, line producer or fixer for your shoot in the Caymans, please contact us.

If you are looking for a shooting crew for your shoot in the Caymans, such as a director, DoP, photographer, videographer (cameraman / camera operator), camera assistant (focus puller), sound operator, grip, gaffer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA / runner, production driver, please contact us.

We are able to provide you with answers, references and bids quickly.

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