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Thailand Film Locations

Thailand being the most popular shoot production services destination in Asia has a range of locations
which are unique and are double the locations as compared to other countries Thailand is one of
Asia’s most popular film production services destinations.
Thailand is well known for:
- Palm-fringed paradise white sand beaches
- Turquoise waters
- Spectacular underwater photography
- Islands
- Modern villas
- Limestone cliffs
- Caves
- Tropical forests
- Mountains
- Picturesque waterfalls
- Rice terraces
- Exotic street markets
- Buddhist temples
- Traditional villages
Thailand has been hosting international productions since way back and has long history which
- The Hangover II
- Alexander
- Good Morning Vietnam
- In The Mood For Love
- Rambo: First Blood
- Rescue Dawn
- Star Wars III
- The Deer Hunter
- The Beach
The list is ongoing as many of the international projects have been shot in Thailand. For detailed
location assistance you may contact us.
Film regions of Thailand include:
Northern Thailand
Northern Thailand is a thickly forested part of Thailand known for its cooler temperatures &
mountains. The largest city in northern Thailand is Chian Mai. The city is known for its ample of
elaborate temples, to name a few:
- Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

- Wat Phra Singh
- Wat Suan Dok.
Few interesting locations:
- The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the colorful location
- Chiang Rai is very famous for the Wat Rong Khun
- National parks: Doi Inthanon National Park, Sukhothai Historical Park and Doi Phu Kha
National Park

North-eastern Thailand
Northeastern Thailand is the one which is not explored much till now and is at the corner of the
country. Mostly rural, photographers and filmmakers can find vast rice fields, buffalo in muddy
ponds, and Mekong River vistas.
National parks are Pha Taem National Park and Khao Yai National Park.
Central Thailand
Being the capital, Bangkok is the main production centre where gear, team and crew travel from.
The metropolis offers a wide range of people with high profile personalities.
Chaotic markets, roads, and waterways combine the scenes of saffron-robed monks praying in
magnificent Buddhist temples. Rooftop lounges are there in modern towers of ramshackle shanty-
towns and river stilt houses.
Interesting Locations include:
- The Grand Palace
- Wat Pho
- Wat Arun
- Thonburi
- Chatuchak market
- Lumphini Park
- The Maeklong Train Market
Outside of Bangkok shoot locations of note include:
- Ayuthaya (Siam’s former royal capital)
- Bang Pa-In Royal Palace
- Kanchanaburi’s Burma Railway
- Khao Yai National Park
- Erawan National Park
- Amphawa
- Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets.

Southern Thailand
Southern Thailand is known for its magnificent limestone islands with white sand beaches and
turquoise seas. Phuket and Krabi are the main entry points by air and are the largest cities.
The Gulf of Thailand is known for:
- The islands of Ko Samui (luxury homes, night markets, beach bungalows)
- Ko Pha-ngan (the party island)
- Ko Tao (underwater photography and rock climbing)
- Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park
Islands for shoot include:
- Ko Phi Phi
- Ko Lanta
- Ko Lipe
- Koh Yao
- Ko Kradan
- Ko Lao Liang
- Ko Chang
- Ko Payam
- The Surin
- Similan Islands

Thailand Film & Photography Production Services

Looking to shoot a movie, song, ad, documentary, web series or be it a photoshoot we are all set to
provide all the services and amenities related to the desired shoot. We are plus point for you in
Thailand as we are fully loaded with all the production support and the shooting crew which is
needed in Thailand.

Being present there we are ready to provide you with:
- Local support & services
- Producers
- Directors
- DOP’s
- Videographers
- Cameraman
- Photographers
- Sound operators
Contact us for referrals, questions, cost estimates, and references.
Let us take you on a production tour for shooting in Armenia. Appended below is all what you need:

Thailand Film Location Permits

Thailand has a straight forward permitting process as it’s a film-friendly country.
Shooting permits are available for
- TV shows
- Documentaries
- Song Videos
- Corporate videos (3-5 days for permit )
- TV commercials
- TV dramas (take about 10 days for permits)
- Stature films (take about 3 weeks to process)
Special permits are required for shooting in National Parks and Historical Parks. Bangkok does not
offer a single permit which is any city-wide permits, so you will need permits for each and every
location separately where you want to shoot at.
Shooting topics which can be problematic for obtaining permission includes anything to do with the
monarchy or religion. Locations that have restricted hours of use are Chinatown which can only have
traffic controlled on weekends or nights.

Please contact us for more location-specific information with all the desired permits.

To apply for shoot permits, we will require a final list of locations, talent list and crew, passport
scans, complete schedule, and current photos of visiting crew. If you want to change the processed
permits then it can be changed with a few days notice, depending on the extent of the changes.
A nominal fee has to be paid for a Film Board minder who will be assigned to check on your project
from the bottom.

When To Shoot?

Thailand is a tropical country having a hot and humid climate particularly in the jungle interior, with
cooler temperatures on the coast and in the north mountainous.
The best time to shoot considering the weather is during the warm & dry season from November to
February. From March to June, Thailand gets very hot and humid. From June to October, experience the
monsoon wet season. Underwater photography is possible all year round but if you are looking to
get the best visibility then it can be experienced in the Gulf of Thailand from May to September, and
the Andaman Sea from October to April.

Maximum festivals and events are based on Thailand’s Buddhist traditions, below is the list for your
• Magha Puja is a Buddhist festival (February / March)
• Songkran is held in April.
• Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival in Yasothon that takes place during a full moon in May
• Phuket Vegetarian Festival that takes place in October
• Loy Krathong (November)
• Surin Elephant Round-up (November)
• Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Parties take place every month.
Plan your shoot wisely as public holidays may affect the timing, cost, and availability of a specific

Costs & Tax Incentives

Costs: In South East Asia, Thailand is one of the more expensive countries. On the whole, if we
compare to other countries offering the cost-efficient and same high standard of production
services, Thailand offers very good value for money comparatively. Our team can negotiate local
deals and provide you with the appropriate level of production support to match every budget.
Tax Incentives: The following incentive is only available to feature films and TV productions.
Thailand offers a cash rebate of 15% to any production that incurs a minimum local spend of THB50
million (USD1.5 million), with an extra 3% if a production hires local talent in lead roles and another
2% if the project focuses to promote tourism to Thai.

Film Crew & Talent

Crews: Thailand has some of the most highly awarded directors in the world as well as some of the
best Dops in the region. There are no unions as such but has to be systematic timely working hours for the shoot as well. Thailand has English speaking crews which are very experienced when it
comes to communicate (including stunt crews and riggers) so there is no need to bring in key crew
from the origin unless the shoot requires something very specific.
Contact us if you are looking for a Bangkok based director, photographer, DP, videographer
(cameraman/camera operator), sound operator, camera assistant (focus puller), grip, stylist, gaffer,
hair and makeup, production driver, PA/runner or any other film crew for your shoot in Thailand.
Buyouts are negotiable as talent is non-union. This strength comes up with the majority with Thai
Chinese and other South East Asian look also available if needed, including colorful hill-tribes (Akha,
Karen, Lahu, Hmong, Lisu, and Mien,). Thailand also has a regular flow of Southern and European
American models and actors who live and work in Thailand for extensive periods of time.

A large number of tourists visiting Thailand can be street-cast if needed. Thailand also has many
animal actors including Asian elephants.

Thailand Film Equipment

Equipment: Thailand is Arri based. Most standard camera, lighting equipment, and grip is available in
Thailand including some of the more specialized gear such as Motion Control, Baan Rig, underwater
housing, Super Techno 30 crane with 3-axis Z-Head, and 3-axis stabilized Flight Head III
(Filmotechnic). There are also many different options for drone photography. Additional gear can
easily be brought in from Hong Kong or Singapore based on the requirement.

Communication: Web posted casting, video conferencing & scouting.

Art Department, Studios, Backlots, & Post Production

Art department: Thailand has some very experienced key crew & art department. Set construction
crews are very hard working, experienced and moreover are flexible too. Thailand is also a great
place when it comes to renting otherwise difficult to access props, such as F16 jet fighters, and other
sophisticated military equipment.

Studios: The largest studio compound available is MoonStar although there are several other studios
all around Bangkok.
Backlots: At present, there are no backlots exist
Post Production: Processing and post-production facilities are that of an international standard,
which can be said as high-class post-production.

Visas & Work Permits

Entry is subject to the rules & regulations from country of origin. Crews entering on Western
passports can enter Thailand visa-free with hustle free immigration.
- If the visiting crew is working for less than 15 days then the permission must be sought from
the Department of Employment.
- Crews that plan to stay for longer than 15 days need to have a mandatory work permit.
- Our local team/producer will apply for permits on behalf of visiting crew members.
Contact us for more information.

Transport & Accommodation

Transportation Infrastructure: Majors roads are paved and are up to international standards. Rural
roads can be seen slower going, particularly during the monsoon season. Bangkok has relatively
heavy traffic congestion but police escorts can be organised for a small fee. Bangkok International
The airport is a major international hub and is indeed very huge. The best part is that several airlines service
low-cost domestic flights throughout Thailand.

Accommodation: Contact us to shoot friendly hotels and residences in Bangkok, Chiang Mai,
Phuket, Ko Samui, and other parts of Thailand. Hotels of note include:

Hire Thailand Production Support & Shooting Crew

If you are looking for a shoot or photographic production service company, fixer or line producer for
your shoot in Thailand, please contact us.

If you are looking for a shooting crew for your shoot in Thailand, such as a director, photographer,
DoP, videographer (cameraman/camera operator), sound operator, camera assistant (focus puller),
grip, stylist, gaffer, hair and makeup, production driver, PA/runner then please contact us.

Any query? We are All ready to answers them, provide you the references and bids as quick as

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