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About Us

Weez Productions FZ-LLC is a video production house based in Ras Al Khaimah specializing in shoots for songs, documentaries, movies & advertising—we write, shoot, and deliver, faster than anyone else. Weez believes in providing a one-stop solution from ideating to editing with a well-planned outcome. The core of Weez being present in UAE is that all the things & services which we provide are in the house.

Weez India & UAE enrols experts be it Script Writing, Marketing, Operations, Public Relations, Production, Ideation, Video Editing & Graphics Designing.

Weez has experience of more than a decade in the entertainment industry And has delivered over 100 commercials, working with many well-known singers, directors, actors, and producers while on the other hand, we have also dealt with large corporates across sectors and industries.

Through creative and clever advertisements and campaigns, we introduce end consumers to great ideas, products, and services. We excel at Music Videos, Documentaries, TV Commercials, Launch Films, Branded Content, Corporate Films, Product/Service Demos, Explainer Videos, and Animated Videos.

The team, consisting of an eclectic mix of people, who happen to function brilliantly together, will ensure that you end up meeting your goals and not just racking up popularity and reach. All of this through research and trained intuition.


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Weez has expertise when it comes to shooting a song in India or abroad. Our team works day and night starting from picturizing the song till it is ready to release. Since Weez is one stop solution we also provide post-release services such as Marketing, Public Relations, Digitalization, Graphic Designing & also guide you with the Placement of a song on the right platform.

We provide options when it comes to the selection of a song Director, DOP, Lineman & the other crew like Makeup Artist & Stylist.

You are just one step away to contact us for more in-depth information regarding song shoot.




Video Production section of our Media Production Company majorly deals in ad production for TV Commercials, Cinema Advertising and Small Business advertising campaigns. TVCs – the TV adverts and Multiplex advertising is touted to be the best medium of advertising owing to the presence of visual and dramatic appeal which makes it all the more imperative for you to get your brand story out there and generate brand recognition for yourself. For effective TV and Multiplex campaigns, reach out to us and drop your queries in the contact box on the Contact Us page.





Weez is there when it comes to getting a permit for the shoot. This is very helpful when it comes to shooting according to the desired need and Goals.

Since every country has its own rules and norms so it’s very important to get a shooting permit before starting shooting for your song/movie/documentary/corporate film etc.

This permit will help you shoot without any objections by the officials there.

So, the hustle free permit is just a click away. Contact us now for more details.





The base of any kind of shoot is the location where it is being shot. So one has to be very choosy/selective when it comes to finalizing the location as per the need of the song/movie/documentary/corporate film etc.

The location has to be such that it justifies the product you are shooting for.

Weez hereby helps you giving you a variety of options of locations for shooting your product according to the need.

You are just one click away to get location suggestions to be it in India or Abroad.





There has to be a hardcore plan to make the vision transformed into visible content in the form of a song/movie/documentary/corporate film etc. To achieve the goals we believe in a process of pre-planning so as to achieve the desired output.From scriptwriting to set up the screenplay to storyboarding all of this is done to make the process of a shoot smooth.When the planning ends and content starts being produced.





We are flexible when it comes to making the content be it a documentary, a movie or a Web Series.

Weez has the expertise to get your ideas converted into a sensible web series.

We plan, discuss and then implement the ideas into action to get the end product.

To sit on the table and discuss a web series then we are just a call away.





Shooting a movie is a long process so believe in spending maximum time to understand the idea behind shooting a movie.

We have a set of people who sit with the client’s team and get their plan executed in the best possible way.

You are just a call away to know more about a movie shoot.





The gear you need is just a click away.

  • Plan online and rent in a click with real-time availability and pricing.
  • Each item is hand inspected, cleaned & packed by our experts on every rental.
  • Our photographers and videographers are here to help before, during, even after your rental.





Your search ends here:

– Want to Record a song?

– Want to Edit your song/video/movie?

– Want to practice with your band?

Your search ends up here we have all the above services to serve you at the best.

Just call and book your slot.





Weez has its own set of working technique. We don’t step back after the shoot is done but we are there to help you with all the post-shoot work, as we believe in getting the end product.

After the shoot we are there to deliver:


– Editing
– Graphic designs
– Mix and Master
– Color correction ( CC )
– Insertions
– Animation


– Public Relations
– Marketing
– Product Placement

We are just a call away to discuss in depth about post-production.





Everyone gets married only once, so why not make it memorable? The new urbane trend in the
market, the thing on every about to get married couple’s to-do-list before getting married – pre-wedding photo shoot has become part of every pre-wedding planning. Gone are the days when
people used to get married in a fancy banquet amidst your extended family. Now- a- days young
couples are opting for a destination wedding and with it comes to its own set and style of rituals and
So, to make your once in a lifetime wedding more memorable, get the best pre-wedding photoshoot
done in the most romantic and unique pre-wedding locations in India or international depending one
the budget and be the couple goals everyone looks up to.
So, if you’re trying to figure out what suits you the best as a couple, we have handpicked some
great ideas and themes for your pre-wedding shoot: – A vintage shoot is a new entry in the Pre-wedding photo shoot ideas
– Attention all the food lovers
– Go Filmy
– Include your Best friends
– Pre-wedding shoot with furry Buddies
– Water Lovers
– Like To Go On Picnics?
– Glow In Snow
– In The Romantic Rains
– For The Beach Bums
– On Backwater Boats
– Into The Wild
– Adding Props For The Drama
These are just a few ideas we have a bunch of them stored in our library. So, you are just a click away to
get more unique and interesting ideas for your pre-wedding shoot done.
For more queries and quotes feel free to contact us.