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Filming in Poland

As of today, Poland has become one of the most popular and demanding international shoot
locations, particularly for the singers and Bollywood shoots like Salman Khan’s action
thriller Kick that was shot in Warsaw in 2015. India and Poland share good relations and have
made a location filming co-production agreement in 2012, which facilitates local filming. One can
shoot in selective areas of Poland without any hustle.
Krakow offers a regional film fund annually which helps to bring in numerous features, including
the award-winning In Darkness, TV shows and commercials each year.
There is also an efficient network of regional film offices (ten regional film funds and six
commissions) working with Film Commission Poland.
After vital political and economic changes over the past years, Poland has developed in every
sector of life, be it entertainment, shooting including the media. The country has become a known
destination for foreign filmmakers, commercial producers, and directors. Filming in Poland is
certainly an option that many production companies and singers in Asia and Western Europe take
into consideration.

Most of the film studios in Poland are in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, and Lodz. Our team in Poland
has contacts all around the country.

Highlights/ideal locations in Poland:
- Tatra & Table Mountains
- Soviet & Modernist architecture
- The Mazurian Great Lakes
- Picturesque & diverse coastline
- Gothic, Baroque sites & Renaissance


There is a high-level quality of equipment available in Poland. Panavision and Arri are both available
but only after prior notice by the director. There are also some state-of-the-art studio facilities
such as sound stages and art and set construction departments that have experience of dealing
with large-scale productions.

Its geographical position, between Germany, the Czech Republic, and the Baltic states, also makes it
very easy to source additional or ‘specialized equipment if needed.’

Poland Entry requirements

There are no restrictions on the movement of personnel and goods within the EU as Poland is a
member of the European Union (EU)
If you are planning to bring equipment in from outside the EU, the ATA Carnet system would be the
the best approach or else you may contact us for more details.

FYI: The ATA carnet, also known as the merchandise passport, is an internationally-recognized
customs document that allows goods/shoot material to move into foreign markets free of duty and
tax. It is recognized in 85 countries and territories and, as an EU member, Poland is part of the


Poland’s climate is continental. Winters are generally very cold with temperatures ranging from 0
to -20C inland. Summers are comparatively not that hot with average daytime temperatures of
between 21C and 32C. Rainfall occurs mainly during the fall with possible very heavy snowfall in
the winter.

Filming in Poland: Conditions

It is generally easy and possible to shoot in open public places. There are some exceptions which are
there in almost every country but here areas related to state defence cannot be filmed. Also,
foreign musicians, actors and other art/media professionals can work easily in Poland for up to 30
days without any additional permits. Our local Poland team can sort any paperwork related to
filming/shooting in Poland.
Location Scouting in Poland

Poland has a wide range of prettiest locations suitable for filming/shooting songs, movies and
commercials that our local team have access to.

Poland also has some wonderful nature locations such as the Tatra Mountains and medieval-like
castles and palaces. Alongside Warsaw, the beautiful Polish capital, the famous old town of Krakow
and the concentration camps of Birkenau and Auschwitz.

Famous filming/shooting locations include the Ksiaz Castle, Poznanski Palace in Lodz, the palace in
Kozlowka near Lublin and Goetz Palace in Brzesko. We have contacts that can facilitate access to
all these places and many others depending on the availability and requirements.

Scouting and securing locations is just one of the services that we offer.

Fixers in Warsaw

Some of the things that make the Polish capital one of the main points of attraction for media
professionals filming in Poland - From a historical perspective, Warsaw was a destination for
foreign and domestic immigration, especially from Eastern and Central Europe. For almost 300
years from now it was known as the “Old Paris” or the “Second Paris”. Warsaw has always been a
centre of European culture; it existed as a very important European city and was travel and stay
destination for many Europeans. For a demographic point of view, it is the most diverse city in
Poland with a significant number of foreign origin people.

The palaces, churches and buildings of the Polish capital display a wealth of colours which is very
different from other countries and architectural details which gives the depth to any kind of shoot.
All these elements create the perfect scenes for filming/shooting in Poland.

Green space in Warsaw is densely covered, including a wide range of structures from small
neighbourhood parks, green spaces along streets and in courtyards and the nearby areas, the
alleys of trees in large historical parks, streets and a lot of conservation areas of nature and forests
urban outskirts.

Although not very popular among tourists but surely gaining popularity, Warsaw has an “Old Town”
which is picturesque with a special and unique story. There are many buildings and monuments that
illustrate communist heritage. However, Warsaw also has a studded skyline of modern skyscrapers
built in recent years which is very much suitable for any kind of shoot.

Filming in the Polish Countryside

Poland you never heard about has endless beautiful beaches and long summers. Natural parks
hide eagles, lynxes and wolves, wild forests and mountains. The Polish villages are picturesque and
with well-kept traditions and style.

Poland Shoot & Photography with the Production Services

Looking to shoot a movie, song, ad, documentary, and web series or be it a photoshoot we are all set
to provide all the services and amenities related to the desired shoot. We are plus point for you in
Poland as we are fully loaded with all the production support and the shooting crew which is
needed anywhere in Russia.
Being present there we are ready to provide you with:
Local support & services
Sound operators
Contact us for referrals, questions, cost estimates, and references.
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